Customized Cables

Customized Cables 聽 1. 聽Yeahail 40Gbps data transfer USB 4.0 Type C to Type C data cables. 4K 60Hz outputs. Can be customized as different request. 聽 2. 聽USB4.0 super fast speed transfer. The USB 4.0 port supports incredibly quick data transfer. USB 4.0 with 40Gbps, USB C 3.1 with 10Gbps, USB-C 3.0 with 5Gbps, USB-A 2.0 with 480Mbps. 聽 3. The plug is made of aluminum alloy housing. Minimizes electromagnetic interference for stable data transmission. Nylon braid makes it more durable. The strength of the line is about 30% higher than that of ordinary data lines. The hub has 18 months long warranty. 聽 4. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Power Bank, and fast charger with USB-C port. Satisfy your various kinds of requirements. It also have all kinds of certification, such as CE, FCC, ROHS, and so on. 聽 5. Upgrading coaxial cable. Maximum 240W lightning super fast charging. Silver plated copper, PE rubber sleeve, TPE rubber sleeve, 8K HD real-time synchronization and shield braild improves the work lifes, makes it better cost performance. 聽Customized Cables website:

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